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Soul-nourishing, life-enhancing getaways

Our Mission

Our mission: to curate life-changing, sensorial experiences in safe, stunning surroundings.

Getting away from your day to day, immersing yourself in nature, moving your body through yoga or dance, enjoying delicious meals you didn't have to make (or maybe you did by way of a  delightful cooking class) combined with inspiring camaraderie can be a powerful, healing reset.

What Makes Us Special






Subject-matter experts, in-the-know locals and expats

Private villas, estates and exclusive spas

Experiences that invigorate all five senses

Upcoming Retreats 

Upcoming Retreats
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“This experience filled a space in my heart I didn't know I needed.”

-Val K

“A Duende Retreat provided me with a much-needed chance to step out of my routine and find my core.”

“If you're looking for life direction, feel resistance, or need a revival, go on a Duende Retreat.”

-Sarah R

-Grace D


“There's only one very good life, and that is the life you know you want, and make it yourself.”

Diana Vreeland

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