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Welcome to Duende Retreats

We believe in the power of self-expression and reflection. We also believe in the richness that comes from creative exploration. Whether it’s a hobby or a profession, we're all inherently creative. Be it through painting, cooking, writing, meditating, singing, dancing, drumming or communing with nature, when the heart is given a chance to open to our creative spirit, our burdens are released. Sparked by the divine, we transcend.


Reignite your sense of well-being.

Remember what brings you joy by way of nature, good food and good company.


Connect to place, culture, spirit and self by way of new friends and nurturing experiences.


Move through a pivotal place in your life by embracing that which you've been longing for: yourself.


In the sacred space of creative incubation, call forth all that you are and are meant to be, inviting more bliss into your life.

"I got a greater perspective for my purpose and the path that I am on;

as an artist and a person in this world.

I felt myself re-align and find clarity again for what is important for me right now." 

Grace DeRidder, Finland Participant 2019