The Alchemy of Voice

TUSCANY, APRIL 14-20, 2019


The "Alchemy of Voice" is the process of converting your years and experiences into creative expression. Dabbling with color, playing with words and lines (both drawn and written) we will transform the seemingly mundane into the magical.  Our drawing and painting will be influenced by our creative writing.  In turn, we will use writing to fuel our visual journey. No previous experience necessary, this retreat is an invitation to embrace all the different forms of your creative voice, an opportunity to get out of your own way and give the artist within permission to play.  


Held in a beautiful Tuscan landscape, together we will paint, write, cook, walk, dance and do yoga, exploring our many creative voices. We will experience the child-like wonder of what it is to create from the heart and soul by way of play and movement, paintbrush and pen and lots of laughter.  By the end of the week you will have conquered new creative terrain, having lovingly surprised yourself by playfully and safely stepping beyond your creative norm.    



Located just outside the picturesque Tuscan town of Lucca, an hour outside of Pisa, we will have the exclusive use of the grounds of a gorgeous villa, surrounded by an abundance of green space perfect for wandering and gathering inspiration. The rooms are simple, comfortable and elegant, each with its own ensuite bathroom. Both shared and single accommodation options are available.  Three, bountiful and home-cooked, traditional Tuscan meals with locally-sourced ingredients will be served.  (Lunch and dinner will include wine.) Homemade snacks will also be available throughout the day.   


We will begin each day awakening our bodies by walking, dancing or practicing gentle yoga.  After a delicious breakfast we will engage the creative within, picking up our pens and paintbrushes.  Each session will vary, centred around calling forth a creative voice you've might have been holding back. Through unique exercises and playful games, we will connect the thinking brain with the feeling heart in order to discover our truest voice.  We will learn to question the place from where these voices arise and give them permission to come out and play.  Using words and images, we will gently pull the thread to reach the story, the importance and the meaning.  


We will be activating our senses by delightfully engaging with colours, sounds and smells -- a cooking class held in the accommodation's quintessential Tuscan kitchen with recipes you'll be able to easily recreate at home. In the afternoons there will be plenty of time for playing, hiking, strolling, napping, or walks into town.  There will also be designated space and time for you to accomplish your own work during the week, with feedback or mentored sessions with the facilitators.       



Louise Prentice, MA


Regina Tingle, MFA

Some of what you'll experience:

  • Laughter, fun and silliness

  • Guidance in a supportive environment

  • Surprises from your creative self

  • Connection to kindred spirits 

  • Newfound expressive confidence


$1950 USD shared accommodation

$2350 USD single accommodation

Includes airport transfer to and from Pisa, accommodation, traditional Tuscan meals, wine, a cooking class, all workshop fees plus group and individual sessions and art supplies. Airfare not included.  If this retreat resonates with you and you'd like to secure your place, a $700 non-refundable deposit is required.  Limited spaces available.  


Sign up before February 25th, 2019 and receive a $100 discount.