dwen-de in Spanish or doo-en-dey in English

'Duende' is a Spanish word for which there's no direct English translation. Sometimes described as passioninspiration, charm or magnetism, it is also the idea of being inspired by or even embodied by the muse. Often, it's associated with flamenco dancing or the emotion that is evoked when witnessing genius in action.



Regina Tingle, MFA

Founder and Director

Hi, my name is Regina. I created Duende because it comprises all the things I love, crave and yearn for in my own life: healing in nature, solace among strangers, good food, creativity and camaraderie. For fifteen years I worked in the field of American international higher education where I witnessed thousands of students experience new ways of living and being while abroad. I learned how to lead curious people around foreign countries, witnessing people grow as they step outside their comfort zone. When going through a life-altering time, a friend recommended “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. I wrote 'morning pages' for months until I decided I wanted to commit more fully to the craft of writing. So I went to grad school and earned my MFA in creative writing.  In 2014 I co-founded Wide Open Writing, leading writers to the inspiring landscapes of Italy, Mexico, the American West and North Africa. And now I've created Duende because sharing what I’ve learned on my journey is what brings me joy and bliss. My process of healing was the path to finding my way into a more authentic, fulfilling life.  It's how I discovered my own personal duende.  It’s now my great pleasure, honor and mission to help you discover yours.  Find out more at reginatingle.com 

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Pam Dumlao


My travels have enabled me to better hear the creative voices in my head.  Whether it was my time spent living and working in Slovakia or the life-changing safari trip I took in East Africa, I have always asked fundamental questions to better understand the human experience – how does tradition, history and experience shape culture? What makes people happy? The answers have shaped my perspective in my life and in my writing. My creative self first whispered to me during a writing class in high school, emerging occasionally during my corporate life in the form of business proposals. Now that I'm recently retired from corporate life, I am eager to share the magic of travel, writing and inspiration with others.  When at home in Dallas, Texas I loves to spend time with my friends and family and I'm always in search of the best new patio in town for Friday night happy hour! 


Frances Weiner, MBA


Born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia, I grew up with parents who were researchers in Africa and took me along now and then. Those early adventures helped me solidify a lifelong appreciation for all things international, especially travel. Living in a globally minded household gave me a deeper world perspective right at my dining room table, when my parents would invite visiting international guests to share Thanksgiving dinners. My first study abroad trip to Mexico fueled my passion for sharing international adventures, leading me to take student groups to Ecuador, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom. When I'm not traveling, I'm likely hiking in the Sierras.  I find that the restorative surrounding nature of the West helps me maintain my own spiritual practice which in turn helps me accomplish my vocation: helping others maintain their spiritual practice. 


Dr. Yvonne Stedham, PhD


Life is the “full catastrophe” (Jon Kabat-Zinn), full of joys and sorrows. Living every moment of this ‘full catastrophe,’ experiencing and being with all that life presents us with is the essence of what it means to be human.  Mindfulness has supported me through my own deeply tragic and difficult life experiences and continues to give me the strength to embrace and love life as it is.  After experiencing the peace and equanimity that mindfulness can bring, I decided to become a mindfulness instructor in order to help others.  In 2017, I completed my training through the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts and have been teaching mindfulness to many diverse groups and in many different formats ever since. For about three decades, I have been a professor in the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno.  My research and teaching focus on international management and business. I grew up in Germany and received my graduate degrees, MBA and Ph.D., in the U.S. from the University of Kansas. I have travelled extensively and have taught and conducted research in many countries. For the past six years, I have also taught a mindful leadership course for MBA students and modified versions of this course to professionals in businesses and other organizations across the U.S.  In particular, I have worked extensively with the U.S. judiciary, teaching leadership and mindfulness to judges across the U.S.  My passion in life is exploring and learning about people, places, others and myself.  Any opportunity to share my knowledge and love for what mindfulness can offer us in our journey through life, I welcome with open arms.  Mindfulness allows us to live life with “courageous presence” and “stand firm in that which we are.” (Rumi)

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Kate Gray

Poet, Author, Facilitator

What I love to do? Write. Talk about writing. Dive into writing with others. I’m geeky that way. Through facilitating writing groups and teaching for 30 years, I’ve witnessed writing transform people, open them like time-lapse photographs of blossoms. A few years ago I left full-time teaching in a community college to write full-time and to lead one-to-one and group writing collaborations. It’s been perfect. It’s exactly where my passion has led me.

Tentatively titled, Any More, Black Shoe, I’m writing through Sylvia Plath in a novel-in-progress, narrating what led to The Bell Jar and her suicide attempt in 1953. My debut novel, Carry the Sky (Forest Avenue, 2014) takes an unblinking look at bullying. My first full-length book of poems, Another Sunset We Survive (2007) was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award and followed chapbooks, Bone-Knowing (2006), winner of the Gertrude Press Poetry Prize and Where She Goes (2000), winner of the Blue Light Chapbook Prize. Most recently, Widow & Orphan House released For Every Girl: New & Selected Poems in 2019. Over the years I’ve been so lucky to be awarded residencies at Hedgebrook, Norcroft, and Soapstone, and a fellowship from the Oregon Literary Arts. My poetry and essays have been nominated for Pushcart prizes. What lights me up, besides writing, is teaching, coaching writing, and volunteering with women inmates and women Veterans. My partner and I live in a purple house in Portland, Oregon with one impetuous dog.