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FINLAND, JANUARY 21-25, 2019


in the sacred heart of winter. Be soothed by Mother Earth as she rests through her dormant months. Spend five days and four long, magical nights tucked away in the quiet cold of the Arctic, allowing yourself to be enveloped by the mysteries of darkness and dancing light.​


Drawing from the natural surrounding beauty of the Arctic, we will use yoga, writing, meditation, movement and play, to explore and expand our relationship to creativity. Snug and warm, together we will cultivate a new awareness, connecting with ourselves, each other and the joyful, sacred, divine higher self. We will tap our intuition and deepen our relationship with our creative spirit, discovering what we most need to maximize our creative output. Return home with rituals of your own making that fuel, delight, ignite and inform your creative practice.  


Located just outside of Rovaniemi, we have the exclusive use of charming, authentic Finnish cottages.  The cottages are within short walking distance from one another with both single and shared accommodation options.  Each holds several bedrooms, a kitchen, a fireplace, a comfortable, cozy living area and of course, a traditional Finnish sauna. The property also has an outdoor wooden hot tub, great for a post-snowshoeing soak.  Hot, hearty home-cooked traditional Finnish meals will be prepared and served buffet or family style at the cottages, gathered together at the table. Hot tea and snacks will be readily available between meals.  


We will begin each day with meditation, greeting the winter light with soft, restorative yoga.  Once the sun is up, we will make the most of the precious daylight hours, heading out into the cold wilderness to play and move, engaging with Mother Nature as the Finns do.  Each day holds its own surprise: a reindeer sleigh ride, a husky safari or snowshoeing. In the afternoon, you'll have the opportunity to rest as dusk falls and we begin our evening session.  Hot, hearty, home cooked meals will be served daily and dinner will be followed by more sauna and hot tub time.



Hanna von Hafenbradl


Regina Tingle, MFA

Some of what you'll experience:

  • Wisdom in moments of feeling stuck​

  • Individual guidance

  • Deeper connection with the higher self

  • Tap into divine creation energy ​​

  • Meditation and yoga with crystal singing bowls


$1950 USD shared accommodation

$2150 USD single accommodation

Includes airport transfer to and from Rovaniemi Airport, five days and four nights accommodation, all home-cooked meals, hot drinks, a husky safari, reindeer sleigh ride, snowshoeing, all workshop fees, daily yoga plus group and individual sessions. Airfare not included.  If this retreat resonates with you and you'd like to secure your place, please click the button below and pay your deposit.  


A $1200 non-refundable deposit is required.  


Sign up before December 25th and receive a $100 discount.

If you're interested in more information to find out whether or not this retreat is for you, please contact us using the form below.  We are happy to put you in touch with a past participant, too!  

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