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Mindful Living



"Things don't change, we change."  -- Henry David Thoreau 

For five days and six nights nourish your mind, body and soul in the peaceful, green hills of the Tuscan countryside. 

 In a supportive environment which offers both solitude and companionship, develop non-judgmental awareness of body sensations, feelings and thoughts.  Learn how to live more mindfully, in all aspects of daily life, maximizing your creativity, clarity and compassion. Leave this retreat having cultivated a new relationship with peace and calm.    


We'll stay in a charming, rustic Tuscan country house, about thirty minutes outside of Siena. Set among pine and cypress trees, olive groves and picturesque vineyards, we'll be surrounded by stunning views of the rolling hillsides.  Both shared and private accommodation options are available, as are separate apartments for couples and friends.  Each private room has its own private ensuite bathroom.  Delicious Tuscan meals will be served at the restaurant on the property and wine is included with dinner. 

There will be plenty of free time for hiking, horseback riding and enjoy the property's pool which is surrounded by a shady 'pineta', where umbrella pines provide the perfect place to sit peacefully.


We will begin each morning with an invitation to connect and be present: in mind, place and body, through mindful movement and meditation.  Each day will consist of both morning and afternoon sessions, including a combination of didactics, practice, and reflection designed to provide insights into the ‘what, why, and how’ of mindfulness.  


There will be time set aside for solitude, silence and reflection as well as time dedicated to interacting and camaraderie. There will be individual and group meditation as well as mindfulness-based exercises focusing on stress, communication, and eating.  You will become more aware of your eating habits and the “automaticity” that determines what and how you eat.  


On this retreat you will 'touch the depths of your own wisdom,' developing your ability to be more gentle and attentive to self and others. Return home with a renewed appreciation for life and with your own personal practices that will help you enjoy a more mindful lifestyle.  


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Dr. Yvonne Stedham, PhD

"Many people feel alone in their struggles.  Often, we don’t realise that all humans have the same life experiences.  Everyone suffers.  Much of our suffering is caused by our own making  and because of that, there is a way to reduce and maybe even eliminate it.  In mindfulness teaching, we say that our intention is to help people ‘touch their own wisdom.’  You will be guided and led in ways which will enable you to learn about yourself.  You will learn how to be less reactive to your environment and how to choose the most skilful response for a given situation.  Leave your week in Tuscany with a mindfulness practice that will greatly improve the quality of your life so you may live more healthily and peacefully having deepened your empathy and compassion for yourself and others." -- Dr. Yvonne Stedham

Some of what you'll experience:

  • Nurturing guidance 

  • Greater sense of self-awareness

  • Awakening of all five senses

  • Mindful communication

  • Learning the practice of mindful eating


$2500 USD shared accommodation

$2950 USD single accommodation

Includes airport transfer to and from Florence Airport, accommodation, traditional Tuscan meals, wine at dinner, all workshop fees plus sessions. Airfare not included.  If this retreat resonates with you and you'd like to secure your place, a $1200 non-refundable deposit is required.  Limited spaces available.  


Registration ends March 15, 2019

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