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“Food is more essential than clothes.” -- a Sicilian proverb

From its passionate people to its mouth-watering cuisine, there's a fascinating wildness to the island of Sicily that has the power to captivate you and keep you in its clutches long after you leave.

This magical place will pull you close, embrace you with its magnetism and in return, you'll gladly give yourself over to her charms with wild abandon. 


Ricotta, pistachio, almond; Phoenician, Greek, Roman; Byzantine, Baroque, Norman: Sicily's food, wine and architecture is as varied as it is abundant, as rich as its history, as seductive and romantic as its myths. Tour Baroque towns, taste chocolate in Modica, hike in the shadow of Mt Etna while the Med shimmers below.

To visit Sicily is to live life in high def: biting into a piping hot 'arancino' as the mozzerella oozes from the middle; sinking your spoon into a cool marzipan 'cassata Siciliana' desert, or delighting in the simplicity of soft, fresh ricotta held inside the flaky crunch of a handmade canoli can all change a person for the better. Then, of course, there's the art, the statues, the ruins... 'il mare' and the majesty of Mount Etna as the most glorious backdrop to it all.


(No wonder they chose to film "White Lotus" here!)


Private, stunning masserias set among lush, flower-filled formal gardens, seaside escapes, or a centrally located boutique hotel, choose what suits you and what you're looking for.