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Step Into Your Flow 

A Mindful Movement & Creative Writing Offering

Hanna Von Hafenbrädl and Regina Tingle are offering two spaces of nourishment and reflection -- the mat and the page. Join us virtually as we move, breathe and write our way into a new kind of flow.   


Flow With Us

There’s always a current of creativity flowing around and through us but so often we can’t find it.  Maybe we don’t know where to look, or, perhaps we're blinded by routine or clutter.


So how do we tap in?  


Over the course of four sessions, we will explore ways of connecting back into our creative selves. Through writing, poetry, meditations on water, motion, breath, sound and movement we will find the permission we long for to let go and release ourselves into our own spectacular creative abandon.

Your Facilitators

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Guiding you on this virtual, four-part offering are yogi Hanna Von Hafenbrädl and writer, Regina Tingle.  When Regina and Hanna first met on a Happy Jack Yoga retreat in 2017 they instantly recognized each other as soul sisters. Two years later, they led a glorious retreat together under cotton-candy pink skies in Finland's Arctic Circle, pictured above.  


To this offering (and beyond!) Hanna brings her calming, goddess-like presence along with her healing remedies, showing you how to weave them into your own life and practices.  Regina brings her brightness, lighting up the page before you, helping you write your way towards meaning.


Together, they bring the joy of what it is to open up to life-changing possibilities in a spirit of deep inquiry and genuine curiosity.


What You'll Experience

Each week you will receive a series of videos: a mindful movement session designed to get your creativity flowing, followed by a relaxing, inspiring meditation, a writing prompt and a creative ritual. 


Hanna and Regina will guide you along your journey and you will receive fun, pretty pdfs as well as other resources during the week to keep you flowing and feeling inspired.

  • A deeper sense of connection to creativity and self

  • A chance to carve precious time out for your practices

  • Healing ritual ideas

  • Inspiring creative infusions

  • Simple but effective stretching sequences

  • Writing prompts & meditations

“No human being, as long as he is living, can be exhausted of his ever-changing, ever-moving river of ideas.”

-Brenda Ueland