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L U C C A, I T A L Y


A P R I L  16 - 21,  2 0 2 3

"We believe that every day should be a celebration filled with good food and even better company." - Christina Musgrave

Experience a boutique week in Italy without having to plan anything!

Join food blogger, Christina Musgrave of 'Tasting with Tina' in Tuscany this spring for a delightful week of playful camaraderie in the kitchen. We'll visit charming towns, enjoy cocktail and charcuterie making, wine tasting in Chianti and learn simple, easy-to-repeat recipes the whole family will enjoy.



Spend five spectacular days at a private villa just outside the charming town of Lucca. During the week we'll have our own local private chef preparing delicious, homemade meals with locally-sourced ingredients. We'll also get plenty of chances to play in the kitchen, too. When we're not cooking, we'll do day trips to nearby Lucca, Greve in Chianti and Le Cinque Terre. We'll enjoy a cocktail-making class, a charcuterie-board session, a wine tasting and a trip to visit one of Tuscany's most famous chefs, Dario Cecchini.


Located just outside the picturesque Renaissance Tuscan town of Lucca (an hour's drive from Florence), we will have the exclusive use of a 17th century estate. The estate is comprised of a main villa, a rennovated farmhouse called the 'dependance' as well as several impeccably decorated private houses. Set amid olive groves near the River Serchio, we'll be surrounded by an abundance of green space perfect for wandering and gathering. In the villa, frescoed living areas will be for guests' use and cooking lessons will be held in the spacious designer country kitchen. The villa is large and spacious: its comfortable and well-designed rooms lend a dreamy home away from home feel.     



We'll stop in the gorgeous village of Montefioralle in the heart of Chianti to meet the vintner and tour his family-owned vineyard before trying some of his wines. Afterwards we'll head to lunch at eighth-generation family butcher and Chef's Table's Dario Cecchini's Antica Macelleria - Officina della Bistecca. Dario is quite a character and offers a fun, fascinating, not to mention unforgettable experience. Don't worry if you're vegetarian, a vegetarian menu is available.



We'll have a guided tour of the remarkable town of Lucca, famous for the 16th century well-preserved wall surrounding it. Also the birthplace of the famous opera composer Puccini, you'll have the chance to visit Casa Puccini, a house museum. After the tour you'll have plenty of time to lunch, wander, stroll and shop.


Spend the day enjoying the 'five lands' or as they're better known: Le Cinque Terre. These stunning villages, perched on steep craggy cliffs, are some of the most picturesque, panoramic views in all of Italy. We'll visit them all by ferry and with a local guide ready to steer you in the direction of the best spots each town has to offer.


What trip to Italy would be complete without a cooking class?

Christina will lead us in a sauce-making workshop, teaching us how to create authentic Italian sauces that are both tasty and easy to make. We'll also have a cocktail and charcuterie class, helping you hone your hosting skills. All cooking classes will be held at the villa in the gorgeous designer kitchen.



Christina Musgrave
"Tasting With Tina"

Christina Musgrave is a food blogger, recipe developer, and food photographer who has worked with international food and wine brands to create delicious recipes and imagery. Christina spent five years working in Corporate America before deciding to pursue her dream in a career with food. Today, she gets to live her dream and help thousands of people discover delicious and easy recipes that make each day a celebration. 

At Tasting with Tina, we believe that every day should be a celebration filled with good food and even better company. Our Italian retreat will embody all of that, and more. Whether it's your first time in Italy or a long-awaited bucket list trip, whether you're coming on your own in the hopes to make new friends or bringing your best friend, your partner or your mother, I can't wait to create, cook and connect with you in bellissima Italia!


Regina Tingle
Founder of Duende Retreats

Ciao, I'm Regina. I lived in Italy for thirteen years and have been traveling back, bringing whoever'll come with me ever since. Living in Italy taught me the art of slowing down to savor simple pleasures. For Italians, much of those pleasures are derived from food, family and friends. I get excited about all my retreats but this is our very first food-focused retreat and I'm delighted to be working with Christina. Her approach to entertaining and meals is oh-so Italiano and very much in alignment with my own values: quality, practicality and simplicity... Time-saving, easy-to-make recipes but with good company as the main ingredient. We created this itinerary with all those ingredients and all of that enjoyment in mind. Whether we're spinning spaghetti around a fork, sampling delicious wine from the vintner herself or staring out ac