dwen-de in Spanish or doo-en-dey in English

'Duende' is a Spanish word for which there's no direct English translation. Sometimes described as passioninspiration, charm or magnetism, it is also the idea of being inspired by or even embodied by the muse. Often, it's associated with flamenco dancing or the emotion that is evoked when witnessing genius in action.


Regina Tingle, MFA

Founder and Director

Hi, my name is Regina. I created Duende because it comprises all the things I love, crave and yearn for in my own life: healing in nature, solace among strangers who'll become friends, good food, creativity and camaraderie. For fifteen years I worked in the field of international higher education where I witnessed thousands of students experience new ways of living and being while abroad. I had a front row seat observing what ignites and inspires people while in foreign countries and I did my best to take note. 


In 2014 I co-founded Wide Open Writing, leading writers to the inspiring landscapes of Italy, Mexico, the American West and North Africa.  I created Duende Retreats in 2018 with the intention of expanding my retreat offerings to all kinds people searching for a deeper, more meaningful way to escape their day to day.  And here we are.  2021, at the outset of a new dawn post-pandemic world. The prospect and possibilities of travel and gathering and retreating have never seemed more exciting. Travel and connecting with myself and others has been key to finding my way into a more authentic, fulfilling life.  It's how I discovered my own personal duende.  It’s now my great pleasure, honor and mission to help you discover yours.  Find out more at reginatingle.com 




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