Writing Tuscany Retreat

OCTOBER 11-17, 2020

 'Writing Tuscany' Retreat 

 TBA 2022


Spend five days and six nights, 'writing Tuscany' at the magical, inspirational Ca di Pesa.  This ancient Tuscan 'borgo,' beautifully tucked away amid olive groves and orchards, was once the residence of the storied Gherardini family of Florence, home to none other than Mona Lisa, subject of what is possibly the most famous painting in the world.   

Designed to be a week of sacred writing space, on this retreat you can dedicate yourself fully to your work, without external demands or distractions, with the support and camaraderie of other steadfast writers.     



As soon as you arrive at Ca di Pesa, you feel you've crossed a threshold, having left the real world behind and entered some kind of Tuscan paradise. 



Located about an hour outside Florence, the villa is steeped in an abundance of green, surrounded by striated hillsides offering charming, quintessentially Tuscan views. With a pool and a panoramic terrace, the grounds are peaceful, perfect for quiet scribbling, wandering and gathering inspiration from the landscape.


Completely renovated, the interior is impeccably curated with plush, designer rooms, boasting luxurious fabrics as well as original and lovingly collected antique furniture.  Each of the bedrooms has its own unique style with breath-taking views of the sprawling surroundings.       


To safeguard your precious writing time, we will hold on loosely and keep things spare but structured. 

We will be offering optional morning writing sprees over coffee and each afternoon, generative workshops will be held. 


Throughout the week, there will be designated times for one-on-one meetings with the facilitators and silent group writes where we will all gather in a collective of clattering keys. 

Evenings will be for gabbing, games, laughter and salons. 


The rest of the time is dedicated to your own writing / lounging / daydreaming / conjuring. 


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Kate Gray


Regina Tingle



For a large double bedroom with separate sitting area and private ensuite bathroom


For a double bedroom with shared bathroom


For a double room with shared bathroom

Includes five days and six night's accommodation, three traditional Tuscan meals a day, wine, all workshops and writing sessions.  Airfare not included.  

If this retreat resonates with you and you'd like to secure your place, a €1500 non-refundable deposit is required.  

Limited spaces available.  

Sign up before January 2022 and receive €100 discount


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