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Our Story

'Duende' is a Spanish word for which there's no direct English translation. Sometimes described as passioninspiration, charm or magnetism, it is also the idea of being inspired by or even embodied by the muse. Often, it's associated with flamenco dancing or the emotion that is evoked when witnessing genius in action.

How It Started


Regina Tingle, MFA
Founder of Duende Retreats

Our founder, Regina Tingle, has made a career and a life of her wanderlust spirit. After leaving Texas at eighteen, she has spent the majority of her adult years abroad: thirteen years in Italy, two years in New Zealand and six years in the UK. She has led thousands of people all over Italy, Finland, Mexico, Morocco, Australia, France and both the UK and US. As a result of all her adventures, she has had unforgettable experiences, some exhilarating and some rather harrowing. (She'll happily tell you about them over wine sometime.) Her takeaway from all her wandering, both on her own and with others? Getting away and meeting new people can change your perspective of yourself, your life and the world. It can lead you down paths you never dreamed possible. It certainly did for her. But she knows travel has never been easy and it's become even more complicated since the pandemic. So Regina has made it her mission to curate safe, life-enhancing experiences for other wanderlust spirits. Whether you're going through a life change or you want to change your life, or just looking for some quality time for yourself, booking a Duende retreat is a great place to begin. 

Why go on a Duende Retreat?


Be part of a community navigating life, sharing new experiences and stories.


Plenty of space and time for you to pause, reflect, heal, escape, explore, rebel - whatever you fancy.


Partake in sensorial experiences, inviting in or deepening joy in your daily life.

About | Why Duende


We love simplicity, especially where travel is concerned so our retreats are mostly all-inclusive (except airfare).


We like to weave must-see local traditions like food and wine festivals into our getaways. Things your regular guidebooks don't tell you about.  


From guides to vendors, we support women when and where we can.

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”

Freya Stark 



"You are in the best of hands with Regina. My expectations are always blown away. My advice to those considering a Duende Retreat: just GO!

-Frances W

“I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard, or had so much fun.”

-Jill H

“I feel like this retreat was designed with my exact needs in mind.”

-Ashley M

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